Summary Edit

Brendan is a character that appeared in Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom.

His appearance is a combination of 90s decade tropes; boogieboard, edgy blonde teenage boy, skateboard and skateboarder protective clothing.

He is the last known survivor from the country of Slamzone or The United Republic of Slamzone in Title Totality. He is known by his friends and acquaintances to be a very cool guy, one you might want to wear sunglasses when meeting so you appear cooler. He is haunted by the failure of never managing to save his country.

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Trivia Edit

  • Brendan is known to enjoy many various super cool beverages including Capri Sun, Sunny D, Squeezit, and Surge.
  • The only thing that still makes sense to him is a nice, ice cold Capri Sun.
  • Brendan is powered by cube energy.
  • Brendan describes his home country of Slamzone as "the most out of control radical place the world had ever seen".
  • He carried what he thought to be the last known bottle of Surge Syrup, able to create one last glass of Surge Soda.
  • He died sadder than he could ever have imagined after finding out Surge was coming back.

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