That's what forgiveness sounds like, screaming and then silence.
— Carl in Llamas with Hats 2.

Carl the Llama is the protagonist of the in the Llamas With Hats series. In his own words, Carl is a dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence.

Physical Appearance Edit

Carl is a gray llama with a green stripey hat.

Personality Edit

Carl is a sociopath who enjoys committing violent actions. When questioned by Paul, Carl often gives reasons for why he committed such acts or outright denies that he did them, even if it is obvious that he did them.

He seems somewhat dependent on Paul, as seen when Paul leaves and Carl uses a mask of Paul's face to make up for his absence. When the Paul Mask gains sentience, Carl believes it to be the real Paul.


The Chaos BeginsEdit

Carl was with his male roommate (who's name is later revealed to be Paul), and the dead body of a human man with multiple chest wounds and no hands.

When asked what the dead body is doing here, Carl explained that he was in his room reading his book when a man walked in and he "stabbed him 37 times in the chest".

Carl also revealed that he cut off the man's hands and cooked and ate them because apparently, his stomach was "making to rumblies that only hands could satisfy". [1]

Sinking a Cruise ShipEdit

Sometime after the events of the first video, Carl sunk a cruise ship on which he and Paul were on. Carl fired a harpoon into the captain's face and butted children off the sides of the ship, before making out with the ice sculptures. Carl also murdered an elderly couple and boarded their lifeboat along with Paul because they ate all of the crescent rolls, but not before biting holes in all of the other lifeboats. [2]

Vacation in South AmericaEdit

Whilst on vacation with Paul, Carl toppled a South American government, claiming to be part of the resistance. Paul, however, reminded Carl that he pushed the resistance leader into a giant fan whilst, he was trying to stop Carl from pushing people into that same giant fan. Carl also swallowed the bartender from his hotel whole and filled his luggage with "Orphan Meat," which he was collecting to build a "Meat Dragon", for which no ordinary meat would do. This was also when Carl learned of Paul's name and gender, whom he was attracted to prior to finding out that he was male. [3]

Paul's Birthday SurpriseEdit

Paul confronted Carl about leaving a trail of muddy hoofprints on the carpet. As the two llamas were arguing, Carl set off a nuclear bomb, which caused the entire back wall of their home to explode, and Carl explained that it was a surprise for Paul's birthday, even though it wasn't his birthday.

"Obviously there has been a miscommunication here."

Carl justified his actions by telling Paul that they now have lots of roasted faces to eat. When Paul reacted with disgust, Carl told him that he probably won't like his birthday decorations, at which point a swarm of balloons with severed faces tied to them appeared, but Carl was disappointed because they weren't cooked enough. [4]

Opening a Spacetime RipEdit

After the events of Episode 4, Carl's actions no longer surprised Paul. Paul also became paranoid, and always suspected the worst of Carl. After listing a bunch of seemingly harmless things he did during the day (including washing the car and baking a loaf of banana bread for their next-door neighbor), it was revealed that Carl created a crack in spacetime to collect millions of baby hands. Paul, however, wasn't impressed, believing it to be anticlimactic in comparison to Carl's previous escapade with the nuke and the burning faces, despite Carl's attempts to convince him that it's "totally fucked". [5]

Building the Meat DragonEdit

Some time later, Carl finaly finished building his meat dragon with the help of his new "Orphan Stomper". Despite Carl telling him that he had a surprise for him (referring to the eat dragon), Paul informed Carl that he was moving out. Paul told Carl that everything he ever did was horrible, even the time he helped Mrs. Bigsby with her garden because he ended up burying her alive. When the Meat Dragon finally appeared, Paul told Carl that it was horrifying. [6]

Finding a Replacement for PaulEdit

Because Paul had moved out, Carl instead got a sheep to wear a mask of Paul's face. Carl explained to the sheep he made a giant hand shaped chair by sewing the faces of City Council members together. He claimed that he disagreed with the election results, and called himself a patriot and a hero.

He later became annoyed when the sheep playing Paul decided to sit down, mentioning that Paul never sat down and was always standing. Carl got increasingly more annoyed at the sheep's un-paul-like behavior, before stating that he was going to throw it into his blood Canal. The fate of the sheep was never revealed but it can be assumed that it was killed by Carl. [7]

Attempt to Reconcile Edit

Left with no other options, Carl visited Paul's new home with the hopes of reconciling, only to reveal that because of the mask of Paul's face that Carl has been using, Paul had become a wanted criminal, believed by authorities to be in charge of a Russian opium cartel. It was also revealed that Carl has burned down his house after it was filled with swans, and he was broke because he spent all his savings on the swans.

A "swan piano" later crashes into Paul's house, which Carl made with the intent to send to Paul as an apology gift, but his plan backfired and Paul just became angrier. [8]

Descent into MadnessEdit

Carl killed someone and chopped them into pieces, and hung the mask that he made of Paul's face against a tree. He began to mimic a conversation that he would be having with Paul.

Later on, the Paul mask began to speak on its own. The eyes of the Paul mask started to glow red, it levitated away from the tree and started talking to Carl, who believed it to be the real Paul, telling him that he had to finish his work. [9]

Trapped in the Gore PitEdit

At some point, Carl fell into his Gore Pit and was trapped there along with the Paul mask. His legs were broken, preventing him from moving.

The Paul mask warned him of incoming danger, but Carl reassured him that the basilisk he keeps in the Gore Pit doesn't eat people, only chipotle. The mask then went in search of rope to help Carl climb out of the pit. He returned unsuccessfully and questioned Carl about all of the bodies in the pit, but Carl claimed that collecting piles of human meat was his least favorite thing to do. [10]

Destroying CivilizationEdit

Carl Episode 11

Carl in Episode 11

Carl somehow escaped from his gore pit and had wiped out civilization, but the Paul mask continued calling out his name in an irritated tone, saying that he still needed to "complete his work". Carl said that there was nothing left to do, he had eaten all of the hands and created all of the meat creatures, and eaten them also.

Carl then began to doubt that the mask was really Paul, and said that he was going to go and find the real Paul. [11]

Finding the Real Paul Edit

Carl went to Paul's house, the one seen in episode 8, and began shouting his name. When Paul didn't answer, Carl walked into the house, saying that he was sorry if it violated his restraining order. When he entered the house, however, he found that Paul was just a skeleton. [12]

Death Edit

Carl stood at the edge of a bridge, pretending to talk to Paul. He then jumps from the bridge, taking his own life. [12]

It's often speculated that the way Carl's screaming suddenly cuts out, along with the music, when Carl hits the water is a reference to when Carl said in episode 2 that forgiveness sounds like "forgiveness and then silence".

Appearances Edit

Videos Edit

Video Games Edit

Card Games Edit

Victims Edit

  • All life on earth.
    • An unnamed man seen in episode 1. Stabbed 37 times in the chest, hands removed and eaten.
    • Everyone on the cruise ship seen in episode 2.
      • The captain. Hit in the face with a harpoon.
      • Children. Butted off the side of the ship.
      • The elderly couple from 2B.
    • Multiple people in South America.
      • Multiple people, including the resistance leader. Pushed into a giant fan.
      • The Hotel Bartender. Swallowed whole.
      • Orphans. Turned into meat and stuffed into luggage.
    • An entire city of people. Nuked.
    • Millions of Babies. Hands removed.
    • Countless Orphans. Crushed by the Orphan Stomper.
    • Mrs. Bigsby. Buried alive.
    • Multiple people. Thrown into the Blood Canal.
      • City Council Members. Faces removed.
      • Sheep (Presumably).
    • Countless Swans. Burned alive.
    • An unknown Person. Chopped up.
    • Countless People. Thrown into gore pit.
    • Meat Creatures. Eaten
      • Meat Dragon (Presumably).
    • An unknown amount of people. Skin eaten by orb thing.
    • Paul (accidentally).

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