Charlie 1

Charlie on a bridge.

Charlie is a gray unicorn who lives in a meadow. He is constantly pestered by the Pink and Blue unicorn. He is the star of the Charlie the Unicorn series. He has an alter ego named Charlie teh Unicron, and he has one kidney.


Charlie the UnicornEdit

Charlie is sleeping in the meadow when the Pink and Blue Unicorns come wake him up and coax him into going on an adventure to Candy Mountain. He then meets The Leoplurodon, who speaks to the group, but he cannot understand. They then cross a bridge, and Charlie gets covered in splinters. The trio then arrives at Candy Mountain, and he is told to go into the cave, but he declines. However, after a song from the Letter Y, he reluctantly goes in. The door closes and he is knocked unconcious. He wakes up in the Meadow with one of his kidneys missing.

Charlie the Unicorn 2Edit

Charlie is watching TV in his home when the Pink and Blue Unicorns float up in their scuba gear. A vortex then opens up in his back, sucking them in. They come out with an amulet, and tell him that if they don't take it to the Banana King, the vortex will let out a thousand years of darkness. He then meets Senor Z, who let's them pass after a spanish conversation. The other Unicorns tell Charlie to board the Choo-Choo Shoe, but Charlie wishes to walk. They arrive at the Temple of the Banana King, where thay meet Frogras. After a song, it is revealed that Charlie is the Banana King. When he returns to the Meadow, he finds he has been robbed.

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