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Detective Mittens: The Crime Solving Cat Is a FilmCow video about a cat named Mittens who (supposedly) solves crimes.

Plot Edit

The video starts with Detective Mittens and another unnamed detective at a crime scene, the body on the floor has been "sliced from chin to toe" and its insides have been "scooped out, ground up and then put back in". The detectives agree that there must be a serial killer on the loose. Mittens then begins to play in the corpse, causing the other detective to tell them that "a corpse is not a box". Mittens asks if the other detective wants spaghetti, and he declines.

Mittens returns to their office with their spaghetti, only to find that it is the wrong order. Mittens calls Joe's Italian and tell's the man who answers the phone about the mixup. The man tells Mittens that he will be happy to replace it. Immediately afterward, the other detective tells Mittens that there has been another murder with the same characteristics as the previous one.

Upon arriving at the scene, the other detective begins telling Mittens about the details of the crime but is cut off by Mittens once again playing in the corpse. He then angrily tells Mittens that he will not bring them again if they keep doing that.