Ghost House is a FilmCow series about a man who is trapped in a Ghost House for an unexplained reason. The titles of all of the episodes after the first are references to movies or games.

Videos Edit

Ghost House Edit

The first episode of the series introduces its main character, who is in the Ghost House. It ends with him realizing that he is a ghost himself.

Ghost House 2: The Reckoning Edit

The ghost house guy is adapting to his new life as a ghost and falls in love with another ghost named Beth. The episode ends with Beth becoming pregnant and giving birth to ghost children.

Ghost House 3: Reloaded Edit

In this episode, Beth leaves the main character and takes the kids with her. It ends with the main character realizing that he isn't a ghost after all.

Ghost House 4: The Return of Jafar Edit

A new ghost moves into the ghost house who later dies of a B.T.D. The main character catches the BT.D. at the end of the episode.

Ghost House 5: Into Darkness Edit

The main characters B.T.D. continues to get worse. However, at the end of the episode, he miraculously recovers but realizes that he is actually in the Ghost house Cracker Barrel.

Ghost House 6: Days of Future Past Edit

None of the ghost waiters at the Ghost House Cracker Barrel. At the end of the episode, he goes to see the head chef, only to find out that it is his half-ghost half-ghost horse grandson.

Ghost House 7: Modern warfare 2 Edit

The main character discovers that the Ghost House Cracker Barrel was actually a prank pulled by his grandson. It is also revealed that there is a murderer in the ghost house. At the end of the episode, the Ghost House guy is almost murdered himself and is seriously injured.

Ghost House 8: The Desolation of Smaug Edit

The main character is now in the Ghost House ER, where he begins suffering from hallucinations. He is eventually fixed, but his junk is replaced by a bird head.

Ghost House 9: Dawn of Justice Edit

In this episode, the bird head on the main character's junk begins to grow arms, legs and a body. At the end of the episode, he himself becomes a bird-man's junk.

Ghost House 10: Chipwrecked Edit

The main character is finding it hard to adjust to being a muscley bird man's genitals. The episode ends with him tearing himself free and becoming a butterfly.

Ghost House 11: Ragnarok Edit

As a butterfly, the main character doesn't want to drink the nectar of the flowers, because they are butts. he asks a ghost fairy for a way to turn back to normal, and she gives him a bag of Ghost Seeds. The ghost seeds grow into men with flower butts for faces.