"I don't understand how or why you do anything, Carl!"

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Llamas with Hats is the first video in the Llamas with Hats series. It introduces the two main characters of the series, roommates Carl and Paul, although the latter is not named in this episode.


A llama (revealed to be named Paul in later videos) discovers the corpse of a human man in his house, and asks his roommate, Carl, if he killed him. Carl claims that he didn't and that killing is his least favorite thing to do. The other llama, unconvinced, asks Carl what he was doing before he got home. Carl tells the other llama that he was sitting in his room reading a book when a man walked in and he stabbed him 37 times in the chest, acting as if he had no idea that doing so would be fatal. Carl then admits that he was in the wrong and that he "sucks".