Max is an antaagonist of Spatula Madness. He has a musical light show in his head to play when he talks about his depressing life. He was once a Child Phycologist, but he was banished from all civilation due to his inappropriate methods. His head is deformed because his mother took meth while pregnant, the love of his life suffocated on a popcicle stick, and he is on bad terms with his mother, father, and step-father.


Spatula MadnessEdit

When Edward falls from New France, he lands on Max, a deformed spatula who installed a musical light show into his head to play when he talks about his miserable life. Max then drugs Edward, and takes him to the lair of Dr. Drake, a derranged scientist who desires to turn all Spatulas into Spoons in order to stop the war.

When he wakes up, Edwards tells Dr. Drake that he can't turn Spatula's into Spoons, but Drake doesn't listen. Edward then shoots Max.

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