The Meat Dragon is a creature created by Carl in the Llamas with Hats series.

Appearances Edit

Llamas with Hats 3 Edit

When Paul asks to go home from their vacation, Carl tells him that he filled his luggage with orphan meat so that he could build a meat dragon.

Llamas with Hats 6 Edit

Near the end of the episode, the meat dragon appears outside of the window. Paul asks if it is the meat dragon that Carl said he was making in episode 2, to which Carl replies "maybe". Paul says that it is horrifying and Carl thanks him.

Llamas with Hats 11 Edit

Carl mentions to the Paul mask that all of the meat creatures have been created, unleashed and eaten, implying that he consumed the meat dragon.

Llamas with Hats: Hungry for Hands Edit

The meat dragon is a guest star in the Llamas with Hats: Hungry for Hands card game. It moves one space forwards at the end of each round.