Summary Edit

The Native Fugmericans are a group seen in Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom. They are the native people of the country of Fug (and are NOT a troupe of actors that got lost in the forest and never got out).

Pillars of Native Fugmerican Culture Edit

Vegetables Edit

  • Presented by: Jane
  • Crops: carrots, yellow stuff, popcorn

Art Edit

  • Presented by: Roonie
  • There are teeth all over the place
  • There are elephants all over the place

Death Edit

  • Presented by: Yovan
  • Santa Clause is a bastard
  • Don't fuck with Yovan
  • Die

Jewelry Edit

  • Presented by: Linda
  • We are all garbage.

Knots Edit

  • Presented by: Rita
  • Knots are extremely important,
  • Tiger knot
    • represents how cool tigers are
    • happens when you let a tiger into your heart
  • Lasagna knot
    • represents how cool lasagna is
  • Coffee knot
  • Napping knot

Bugs Edit

  • Presented by: Elsa
  • Bugs are everywhere
  • Bugs are beautiful
  • Bugs simply are
  • Replace notions of good and evil with notions of bug-good and bug-evil

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