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The OMG Puppets are characters from the "OMG" series of videos.

Puppets Edit

  • Black Puppet - TBA.
  • Black and White Puppet - TBA.
  • Green Puppet - TBA.
  • Red Puppet - TBA.

Appeaeances Edit


He first appears bashing through the cereal boxes, introducing the cereal to us. His second scene is when he is with the monster puppet, he is eating the oats and it gets poured on his face. His third scene shows him eating the oats, saying : "it's like eating an angel!" And his 4th scene is him rolling on the oats.

He can be seen in the scene of the video where all the puppets of the video are ganging up on the cereal box for all the oats it has. He is asked why he likes the oats, and he replies with : "how f***ing delicious they are." He is then seen on a bed with the oat cereal box, seemingly snuggling with them. He sees that the oats are stirring, and he thinks that it might be so good. He then floats on one of the boxes in the pool.

He then pops out of the box with oats in them, and then we see him giving oats to himself and monster puppet. He then says what balanced type of breakfeast the oats are, saying it's "disf***ed" And the video ends.

He also appears in "OMG BISCOFF SPREAD." His role in the video will be added soon.

OMG Biscoff Spread Edit


trivia Edit

  • in "socksual innuendoes", the police officer sounds like the black puppet.