Spatula Madness

Spatula Madness is a fifteen minute animation about a War between Spatula's and monstruous spoons.


The video opens with an intense battle between Spatula Soldiers and Spoon Monsters. General Peterson is killed by a spoon, and then a soldier named Edward is also.

Then, it flashes back to two weeks earlier, when Edward is being randomly fired from his accounting job. On his way home, he meets a hobo who tries to sell him the Dolphin Clock Thing , which tells him that it is his destiny to defeat the Spoons.

The next moring, Edward receives a mysterious phone call telling him to joing the United Spatula Secret Ressisance. So, he says goodbye to the stranger in his house and leaves for the army.

The films fast forwards to a breif conversation between Edwards former co-workers about his death.

It is then revealed that Edward neither went to Heaven or Hell, but to a strang Limbo called New France that he desires to escape, though the French Spatula constantly tells him it is impossible.

He succeeds on his third attempt when he falls and lands on Max, a deformed spatula who installed a musical light show into his head to play when he talks about his miserable life. Max then drugs Edward, and takes him to the lair of Dr. Drake, a derranged scientist who desires to turn all Spatulas into Spoons in order to stop the war.

While Edward is asleep, The Hobo Spatula contacts him through The Dolphin Clock Thing, and the two have a breif conversation.

When he wakes up, Edwards tells Dr. Drake that he can't turn Spatula's into Spoons, but Drake doesn't listen. Edward then shoots Max and the macheine, causing it to explode, turning Drake into a group of dedicated Scientologists who can multiply at will.

The video concludes with Edward telling the stranger in his house about his adventures, and reveals that he somehow defeated Drake.



General Peterson

Edward's Boss

The Hobo Spatula

The Dolphin Clock Thing

The Stranger

The Spoons

The French Spatula


Dr. Drake


The Afterlife is France - a song sung by the French Spatula describing the wonders of New France to Edward.


The video A Serious Business Meeting takes place in the same universe, though none of the Spatula Madness characters appear.

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