The Cloak 1

The Cloak is a ten minute video about The Cloak and his sidekick Robert Mitchum's floating head fighting communism.


The film opens with The Cloak firing flaming arrows into the city and Robert juggling chalupas and singing. They get a call from a client who wants them to save his iguana from the National Libertarian Party. This leads Robert to put his cat Mittens in the microwave, killing it.

The two go to the store to buy a boardgame, but The Cloak is disgusted by the state of his Nation's child toys. The two decide to go after the CEO of Toybarn.

After axing him, the find out he is not a Communist, but a Mormon. So they axe his security guard and bury the two bodies in a cementary.

However, they are caught by a police officer and go to hide out in a Clocktower. There, they are pestered by a Hobo prompting them to leave, but not before shooting someone through the window.

Back at their office, the two celebrate a job well done. The video closes with the police storming the room and shooting The Cloak and Robert.


The Cloak

The Disembodied Head of Robert Mitchum


The CEO of Toybarn

The Hobo


The Cloak Theme - Instrumental and plays over the opening titles and credits.

The Chalupa Song- Robert sings it in the start of the video/