The Depressed Whale is a video by FilmCow. It focuses around a whale and a fish attempting to cheer up said whale (supposedly).


The Depressed Whale is first seen approached by a fish. The fish asks what's going on, and the whale responds that he's depressed. The fish replies that he's sorry to hear it, and asks if he's tried swimming around. The whale tells him that he has, and the fish asks him if he tried eating plankton. The whale confirms that he's tried eating plankton, and the fish tells him that's about all a whale can do.

The whale then pulls a gun on the fish, telling him it is a robbery and to give him his money. The fish is surprised and says that the situation has taken a turn, and the whale reaffirms his command to give him the fish's money. The whale also says he doesn't even know if whales can be depressed, and the fish responds by sayin he doesn't want any trouble. The whale then starts giving a speech on his size.

The fish pulls a gun on the whale, telling him he was an undercover cop and that he was on a sting. The fish turns out to be a corrupt undercover cop, and the whale pulls a second gun on him, telling him he was actually an Internal Affairs agent investigating police corruption.

The fish then reveals he is actually a fry cook at Steak-and-Shake. The whale responds by saying he didn't fully understand where that leaves them.

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