The raccoon who lost their shape2

The Raccoon Who Lost Their Shape is a Game about a Raccoon with the ability to summon the ghosts of dead shape people, who has lost their beloved Crescent.

Characters Edit

Raccoon Edit

A raccoon with the ability to summon the ghosts of dead shape people. They began doing so in hopes to find his beloved Crescent, who they believed to have died in a house fire, however, they cannot directly summon them because, in order to do so, one must have a personal item of the shape, and all of Crescent's belongings were destroyed in the fire. Upon summoning a shape ghost for their clients, they will ask them if they have seen any crescents. They often don't seem to care about their job, but will not leave his office until they have finished. They refuse to harm shape people by releasing more than one of them through the shape people tube system. Upon finding out that the Crescent faked their death in order to get away from them, they decide that they will need some time to process the information and go to the beach.

Crescent Edit

A passionate arsonist and the Raccoon's former lover. The Raccoon believed them to be dead but they, in fact, burned their house down to get away from them because they were too boring.

Other Shape People Edit

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